April 19th 2017

An unusual way to use Kickstarter for game funding with Pawarumi's campaign

Bordeaux, FRANCE

Kickstarter was once a gold rush for all kinds of game developers, but let's face it, it's not what it used to be. Manufacture 43, Pawarumi's developers, are using it in a very different way.

An honest goal and a safe project for Kickstarter

While most Kickstarter campaigns try to get funding on an idea, Pawarumi's campaign goal is to get more funding so the developers can spend more time on game polish. That makes it a very safe investment for players who are assured to get the game as it is very close to its release. This different mindset might be or should be the best way to use Kickstarter in 2017: it's respectful of backers and it truly means that every penny will be invested into improving the game and not will not be lost in development loopholes that appear in every productions! This vision has found its supporters with Pawarumi’s Kickstarter now near two third of its objective as it enters its final week.

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Kickstarter Trailer is over here: Youtube, MP4
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Pawarumi Kickstarter Trailer

Shoot’em ups are due to a comeback

2017 might be the year of the shoot’em up come back on PC. For years, the main platform for new shoot’em ups was the Xbox 360, with a very large catalog of new games and a lot of arcade ports. Microsoft’s previous console was the platform of choice if you wanted to invest time in this kind of games. With that in mind and the fact that more games nowadays are inspired a lot by the genre, with titles like Nier Automata or hardcore mass market games like the Souls series, shoot’em ups might appeal to a whole new bunch of players that are looking for challenges and tightly crafted mechanics. Pawarumi, among other shoot’em ups, is going to be released this year and its unique design might be a perfect fit for those looking for a great shooter with plenty of play styles and scoring opportunities!

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About Manufacture 43

Manufacture 43 is an independent game studio based in Bordeaux, France, home to several well known game developers, such as Asobo Studio and Motion Twin. The three founding members, Alexandre, Charles & Daniel, two graphic artists and a programmer, have worked the past 8 years in the videogame industry before starting their own adventure. They sweat blood to offer the players original creations with sleek graphics and mechanics that capitalize on the legacy of the classics.

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Alexandre Lutz
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