November 9rd 2016

Pawarumi: an epic shmup to rock your world ! Soon on Greenlight

Bordeaux, FRANCE

After months of intense work on their first project as indie developers, the team at Manufacture 43 is thrilled to release the first gameplay teaser for their upcoming shoot’em up, Pawarumi. Brace yourselves, epic action is coming!


In a world now ruled by corrupt divine power, you take control of the almighty ship Chukaru. Unique in the way it combines energies of all three deities, Chukaru will help you vanquish the evil and free the people from oppression. Or will you ? A dark secret is yet to be revealed.

Trinity Game System

Taking the simple mechanic of rock-paper-scissors one step further, Pawarumi enables the player to do double damage, heal itself or recharge its super attack simply by shooting with one of the three weapons against one of the three types of enemies. This mechanic enables countless ways and strategies to handle each level, first to beat the game, then to reach the top of the leaderboard!

Pawarumi Gameplay Teaser

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Publicly Acclaimed

As every public showcase of the game proved, Pawarumi appeals to casual gamers as much as it does to hardcore shoot’em up fans. Casual gamers come for the shiny graphics and accessible gameplay while hardcore fans of the genre stay for the deep mechanics and scoring opportunities.
Scheduled for release on PC early in 2017, Pawarumi will soon head out to Steam’s Greenlight.

About Manufacture 43

Manufacture 43 is an independent game studio based in Bordeaux, France, home to several well known game developers, such as Asobo Studio and Motion Twin. The three founding members, Alexandre, Charles & Daniel, two graphic artists and a programmer, have worked the past 8 years in the videogame industry before starting their own adventure. They sweat blood to offer the players original creations with sleek graphics and mechanics that capitalize on the legacy of the classics.

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